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My favorite products are the vitamin c serum and the collagen night cream. I like how gentle the toner is too.

Amy B.

I was introduced to my first Hanson skin care product Scarfade. My opthamoligist recommended I use it after a brow lift (done to improve my sight). Really faded the incisions and have recommended to others. I have used many of your other products too.

Carol H.

I have been using the Collagen night cream, Vit C Serum & the Gentle cleansing products for over 15 years and will continue with them. I truly believe my skin looks much better than it would have without these products. Nobody thinks I'm as old as I am.....

Deborah M

I've used Hanson skincare products for almost 10 years with great results and confidence that I am feeding my skin what it needs. A knowledgable friend that I trust first told me of the products and although I might grab another product off the shelf to try now and then, I always return to Hanson. The citrus element is magic for me personally and the vitamin C assures me of the quality. So very happy I can order online and appreciate all the special combos offered. Thank you!

Deborah S.

Love these products, especially the Vitamin C Serum and Collagen Cream.

Erik H.

I was introduced to Hanson Skincare following a surgical procedure. I have been using ScarFade since 2015 and am very pleased with the results I, and other family members since, have achieved with that product. I had received samples of different Skincare items with each purchase of ScarFade, and was so pleased with them that I purchased those products. At first, I bought just a few individual products. I was very impressed with them. I then ordered "The Full Monty". I thought that I could try everything that was available, narrow it down to the few I truly liked, then purchase as needed. The only problem with that idea was that I liked everything!! I would definitely recommend the entire Hanson Skincare line. My personal favorites, my "Ride or Die" products, are the Gentle Cleanser, The Citrus Toner, the Vitamin C Serum, and the Daily Moisturizer Broad Spectrum SPF 30. Those four are a terrific combination. My skin has never looked, nor felt, this good. I am placing another order again soon, I suggest others place one also!

JoAnn D.

I have been using this skincare line for about 3 years now. I absolutely love the combo of using the cleanser, toner, vitamin c serum and collagen night renewal cream every night. I wake up with my skin feeling so smooth and youthful.

Kim H.

Hansen's wonderful skincare line has cleared up adult acne after years of experimenting with other product lines. Not only is my skin clear, it is youthful and beautiful. The products are gentle and the price point is very generous. I buy extras as special gifts for friends.

Margaret G.

I am so happy with these products. I have tried, and use almost all of the products, but my favorites of all are the serum and the moisturizer with sunscreen.

Marilee T.

Me recomendaron la mascarilla de vitamina C y estoy encantada con los resultados mi piel queda luminosa e hidratada..me encantaría comprar todos los productos de Hanson skincare.

Micaela G.

I was so thankful my friend shared her samples with me. I was able to try several products without buying big quantities, but after I tried them I definitely wanted more. I would have never known of these great products otherwise. I have been using them 8 months and will use them for many years to come. Thank you for great products at a great prices.

Shannon B.

The primary reason I choose to use Hansen products is that they are animal cruelty free and Leaping Bunny certified. Their products seem to be high quality and I am enjoying using them. Also, I have greatly appreciated the quick and personal response I have received from their customer service in answering questions.

Sheryl P.