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How Skin Heals

Your skin is your most precious asset. It’s strong because it protects your body, but it’s also extremely vulnerable. It’s important to treat it with care, and that means giving your skin the time it needs to heal properly. When your skin experiences a cut, your body immediately starts healing the wound – first by… Read more »

Effects of Excessive Sun Exposure and How to Combat It

Feeling that warm sun on your face in summer; nothing quite beats it. However, too much sun comes at a cost. Knowing the right balance is key, as is knowing how to best protect yourself. In addition to increased wrinkles and sunspots, too much sun can put you at a higher risk for skin cancer…. Read more »

How to Keep Skin Healthy and Glowing Through the Years

As we get older, our skin starts to show it. Some of the things that cause our skin to age are out of our control, however other things can be influenced to help slow the process. While we can’t control the natural aging process that causes lines and sagging, we can control some of the… Read more »

5 Reasons to Wear Sunscreen

While not the most flashy or trendy product there is, Sunscreen may well be the single most important skincare product available, period. Below are 5 reasons you should be wearing sunscreen EVERYDAY. 1) Skin Cancer Prevention … Overexposure to UV rays from the sun is the leading cause of skin cancer. More than 3.5 million… Read more »

Scars … What Causes Them & What You Can Do About It

Scars are a natural result of the human body’s process of healing itself from trauma to the skin.  When the skin is broken or cut, the body responds by producing Collagen (a naturally occurring protein) to repair the injured area.  Often the body will overproduce Collagen, creating a buildup.  When this happens, the result is… Read more »

Simple/Basic Routine for Healthy Skin

Many people don’t use skincare products because it is either too confusing for them to figure out which products they should be using or they feel it is either too costly, too time consuming (or both).  The truth is, a basic skincare routine can be accomplished in just a few minutes a day and can… Read more »

Age Spots … Cause, Prevention & Treatment

As you age, you may notice an increased presence of flat, brown to dark gray colored spots on your skin.  While often referred to as age spots, these collections of pigment (Melanin) aren’t really caused by aging.  Instead, they are primarily the result of years of exposure to Ultraviolet Rays.  That’s why they tend to… Read more »

Wrinkles … What Causes Them & What You Can Do About It

Fine lines and wrinkles can start to appear in some cases as early as the mid to late twenties, depending on lifestyle, genetics and how much unprotected sun exposure our skin has seen.  Unfortunately, most of us don’t give wrinkles much thought until well after they start appearing.  One day we look in the mirror… Read more »

Vitamin C … The Anti-Aging Superstar

It is unavoidable.  Every single day our skin is put through the wringer thanks to our environment … cigarette smoke, car fumes, pollution, oxygen, stress, etc.  It all leads to the presence of free radicals.  Free radicals are unstable, highly reactive atoms that attack cells and cause them to function poorly or die, leading to… Read more »